First Post!

Welcome to TTM’s blog! The title “Regia Ecclesia” means the “Royal Church” in Latin (such a kewl language!) – it’s about all things Catholic (and other things. Maybe). The subtitle, also in Latin, “Gloria in excelsis Deo et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis”, means “Glory to God in the highest. And on earth peace to men of good will”.

Anyway, a bit about me. I’m a convert. formerly… agnostic, I guess. Catholic since Easter 2003. Shortly before my conversion, I’d been thinking about the afterlife, existence of heaven and hell, and also about this thing called “truth” that the philosophers keep talking about. As you may have guessed, I now believe that it is found in its totality and splendor, undiluted and unadulterated in Catholicism. Anyway, more on that later.

If anyone does happen to read any of my bloggin’, I’d be quite interested to know about you, why you’re reading ’em, and what you think about ’em. So please do leave some comments!

God bless,


2 thoughts on “First Post!”

  1. Hi,
    I just read your blog on how you became Catholic in 2003…it was very good and I saved it to give to my husband to read; we have been married 5 years and he is taking classes and hopefully will join the Catholic faith as I did over 20years ago…I am 50 years old and have gone to many different Christian churches…but the Catholic faith feels like home…I wanted to join the Church at the age of 9 but at that time my mother was agaisnt it (although she didn’t go to church and since then has become Catholic)..I had a Polish great-grandmother that, it is said, may have prayed for me. I kept her statue of Mary for many years and still have it. When I was about 12 I wanted to be a nun…but of course that thought left as I got older. I finally decided to join the Catholic church 20 years ago after I worked for many years in the prolife cause………..many good Catholic people made up my mind to convert.
    As a convert, I too felt many of the same feelings as you on joining the one true church of Jesus Christ…
    I plan to check back to your blog…keep on writing…
    Yours through faith,

  2. Hi Julia,

    I’m thrilled to hear from you! It’s good to know that there are real people reading this (I don’t know how they find it, but hey I’m not complaining ;-).

    I do hope that your husband, and many others like him, find something helpful in my blog. I just pray that God will use my humble mumblings (kinda rhymes…) to draw people to Himself.

    God bless you Julia. May you keep up the good work, and may Our Lady of Guadalupe assist you in ending the evil of abortion.


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