I’ll soon be moving out of my current flat. I don’t look forward to moving, since I’ve been through it before (and I mean with the same venues, back and forth!), but I’ve consented to it since:

  • The landlord would like to renovate the place;
  • My flatmate wants to move;
  • I have to move out sometime soon anyway, and;
  • the only reasons why I’d prefer to stay are my laziness and the trauma of having done it before, so the above three outweigh and take precedence over those.

Such is life. 😉

I’d like to write about my flatmate before we move though. I’d known her beforehand (she’d always come to the tuesday prayer group), but I didn’t realize until we became flat mates: she’s such a saintly person! I find that she’s always so selfless. The other day I came home and, when it was my turn to cook, she had cut up the meat and cooked the rice for me. My gratitude and respect for her was endless on that day, I tell ya :-D. Her fiancé is also one of the most faithful, charitable and selfless people I know, so I’m sure they’ll make a great couple.


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