Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

The question of whether or not ET’s exist is a very provocative one, especially among the people of faith. Personally, even though I’m an avid StarTrek™ and science fiction fan, I don’t believe that ET’s exist. I used to think it silly to believe that we’re alone in this humongous Universe, but having read about the strict and multiple requirements for a life-supporting planet (such as Earth), I think in the Time™ or possibily the New Scientist™ magazine, I no longer hold to that belief. Here are some interesting links I found on this topic:

  • The Vatican Astronomer, Thomas Aquinas (Catholic theologian and Saint in the Medieval period), Benedict XVI (the current Pope) and their beliefs about Extraterrestrial life – I think you’ll find that the Church is open to the possibility.
  • Ten Alien Encounters Debunked – Pffft. I knew that dodgy video about alien dissection was a hoax! (Really… I did…) 😉
  • Reasons.org – In the section relating to this topic, apparently “much fewer than a trillionth of a trillionth of a percent of all stars will have a planet capable of sustaining life”.

    What’s your opinion on this? As always, your comments are welcome and are appreciated.


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