Vain Brain

I’m reading a book called “A mind of its own” by Cordelia Fine, which I happen to see at the library. What caught my eye about it is its subtitle, “How your brain distorts and deceives”. Hmmm… interesting.

So far I’ve read the first chapter on “The Vain Brain”, and my favourite quote comes from page 17: “The vain brain’s other powerful protectorate is reasoning… the problem is that we behave like a smart lawyer searching for evidence to bolster his client’s case, rather than a jury searching for the truth.” Oh, the irony – We think we’re so rational, objective, and unbiased when it comes to reasoning, but we rarely are. Getting rid of our pride and egotism is a constant battle when it comes to seeking the truth – this is why pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, said to be the cause of Lucifer’s fall. Beware of the Vain Brain!


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