I saw a graffiti the other day in front of the hospital that read, “abortion is a woman’s choice!” (or something to that effect). My first reaction was that of dejection. My second was the urge to spray beneath it, “tell that to the dead baby” (!). Unfortunately though, graffiti isn’t a very legitimate means of expressing one’s opinion, and won’t be made any more legitimate by replying in such a way to the pro-abortionist who chose to use such a method.I shall therefore use my world famous (well, ‘soon to be’ anyway ;-)) blog for such a purpose: abortion is wrong! It is a legitimatized killing of human persons; of the most helpless ones at that. There, I said it. Both science and philosophy demonstrate that pro-abortion stance is morally repugnant.I got a newsletter today about this little children’s-book-made-available-online, Angel in the Waters. It’s said to “make young children decidedly pro-life long before they ever hear the word ‘abortion.'” It may help mothers to keep the baby too. Go the pro-life movement!


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