I read an article about an arson that burned down a Hamilton (NZ) school today. Shocking, really, and sad.

I could related to this one, since my own school had a case of arson where a brand new music block was badly damaged. Being a musician myself, and with a memory of spending a lot of time in the old music block (and wishing that the new one would be available while I was still there), I was incensed and dejected at the carelessness of the people who would do such a senseless and selfish thing.

It seems that high school arsons are increasingly common nowadays. I’m not sure that I should be surprised, knowing the attitude of some of the students toward schools and schooling, and the general moral decline in our society. It seems this is what happens when people lose sight of the intrinsic dignity and value of human beings, and the need for respect and humility arising from that. Afterall, who cares if it hurts people if they ain’t worth worrying about? Who’s to say that it’s wrong to place yourself above them and act out of that pride? Yet everyone has a conscience and a curiosity for the truth, even the arsonists. Ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo (save us from the time of trial, but deliver us from evil), Amen.


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