“See how they love one another”

“See how they love one another”; these are the words Tertullian noted (Apology [39.6]) in the Third Century, as spoken by some of the Pagans of the time regarding Christian communities. It seems as though it’s no longer applicable in some Christian communities of the present time, when love of many has become cold, as Jesus prophesied (Matthew 24:12). Thankfully, my experience has been different.

I hosted “The Sunday Night Jollification” tonight, “an evening of communal
cacophony and conviviality”. What that is, in English, is a room party celebrating my “re-re-relocation” into the same room (“oh, is that all?” you might say!). The Catholic community I live with, and a few people from outside came along, and we had a jolly good time (especially with NZ and 80s music in the background – although not by my choice!). I love these guys; they’re really great especially when they get together because their love for one another and sense of humour really shine (I shall tell them that, in the near future). It’s great being surrounded by a loving community of friends from different countries (let’s see: Japan [that’s me], Malaysia, Fiji, Germany, Malta, Singapore, India, Korea and of course New Zealand), coming together in a splendid harmony. As a formerly cynical and pessimistic person, I can’t help but to admire their unity in faith; they remind me that there’s hope for the human race yet!


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