Can and do miracles happen? asks The Scotsman article regarding a premature baby’s survival. Obviously, I believe that miracles do happen, since it follows logically from my beliefs. It pricks my interest whenever I hear people vehemently oppose the possibility of miracles while being open to theism. Related to this is the liberal sudo-Christians involved in the Jesus Seminar who start out with an assumption that miracles do not occur, and finding that it naturally leads to the conclusion that Jesus did not perform any miracles – talk about foregone conclusions!

There’s nothing philosophically impossible or logically contradictory about miracles. As St. Augustine said, “miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.” If there is a God, there is no reason why he could not intervene. Unlike the natural law (moral law), which God would not violate (because it is part of His nature, of who He is), physical laws are only His creation, and hence are at His disposal.


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