Universe and Psychology

To paraphrase and add to a certain Sir John Templeton: would it not be strange if a universe without purpose or objective worth accidentally created human beings obsessed with purpose and self-worth? I reckon so.

Psychologist Dr. Pyszcynski, a pioneer of the Terror Management Theory, thinks that our vain brain (see this post) is a protection against the terror of meaninglessness, of realization that we have a worth equal to “any individual potato, pineapple, or porcupine” – which would be true, in an atheistic universe! Why should a human being, a product of such a random and meaningless process, be afraid of the truth? Unless, of course, it isn’t the truth at all.

Could it be that our existence is not an accident? Could it be that human beings actually do have an objective worth? (Rhetorical questions, of course ;-))

Something to mull over 🙂


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