Psychics and the Occult

Psychics, witchcraft, iPods (wait, how did that get there?) – these seem very conspicuous nowadays, in TV and pop culture (“Medium”, “Charmed”, “Harry Potter”, etc.).

The other day I read the famous tele-evangelist Billy Graham responding to a widow regarding her contacting a psychic/medium in order to hear the voice of her husband again. Now, I can’t say I’m awfully fond of ol’ Billy, but (having heard stories from friends and also from people in deliverance ministries) I had to agree with most of what he said: “I understand your heartache (and so does God), but I urge you not to pursue this path…. you could become involved with occult spiritual forces that are not from God but actually from Satan and opposed to God. From time to time, I receive letters from people who’ve gone down this road, only to find themselves spiritually oppressed by occult powers.” (oppression is a notch below possession, I think).

That reminded me of a couple of articles from the Envoy magazine, one on psychics and one on wiccans.

Now, not everything could be automatically be treated as demonic (it requires prudence and discernment). However, Satan “disguises himself as an angel of light” (II Corinthians 11:14) and so seemingly harmless (eg. “white magic”), and even apparently good things (“mediums” helping resolve murder cases), have to be treated with caution. I shudder every time they show seances being advertised (or aired) on TV! As C. S. Lewis pointed out in “The Magician’s Nephew”, they don’t seem to know what they are dealing with.


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