Geneticist recounts journey from Atheism to Christianity

I’ve come across a couple of articles recently about one Francis Collins, the geneticist who led the Human Genome Project.

In the first article, he urges his fellow scientist skeptics to investigate the faith. Interestingly, he also objects both to literal creationism and the “intelligent design” arguments – a sentiment shared by the Director of the Vatican Observatory when he expressed similar objections a while back.

Bible is not concerned with Scientific facts (although it doesn’t stop people from finding them) – that has nothing to do with the purpose of revelation. The Bible is a library which has many genres within it (stories, historical records, and even a census!), and many stories are told in parables (as I pointed out earlier, stories can illustrate truths very powerfully, although the New Testament is mostly a historical record). This is why the Catholic Church is open to evolution. Personally, I have problems with Darwinism (most people do now), but I’m open to either evolution (which isn’t Darwinism, by the way, and it has to include God in the picture) or creationism. I’ve been reading “The Case for a Creator” by Lee Strobel and much of the Intelligent Design movement certainly appears to have some merit. Either way, it seems more and more obvious that science and faith are complimentary, much like faith and reason.

Collins also remarks, “you’re not supposed to decide something is true until you’ve looked at the data. And yet I had become an atheist without ever looking at the evidence whether God exists or not.” Apparently he converted after reading “Mere Christianity” by C. S. Lewis – yes, the author of the Narnia series – “In the very first chapter,” he said, “all my arguments about the irrationality of faith lay in ruins.”

The second four-page article is an excerpt from his book, “The Language of God”. Naturally, this one’s a bit more in-depth. In it, he gives a testimony of his journey from Atheism to Christianity and discusses the Moral Law as an argument.


2 thoughts on “Geneticist recounts journey from Atheism to Christianity”

  1. This debate is tearing the church apart. Perhaps it’s why Jesus said, Don’t be concerned with the things of this world. Be concerned with only two things, Your Father’s Heavenly kingdom and your place in it.

    I think the saddest part of the debate isn’t that our schools are teaching kids that we all came from a puddle of premoridal goo….it’s that it’s teaching them it’s ok to have sex, it’s ok to do drugs, or, as is stated at every single graduation speach “You are the Captain of your soul”!

    None of which are true.

    But as this debate comes into the church, people are force to take one side or another with the strawman choice of you must choose one side or the other.

    Jesus made no such demands. He only said, Love your neighbor, and love the Lord God with all your heart soul, strenghth and mind.

  2. I guess the problem arises when evolution and theism become mutually exclusive.

    Personally, I think there are a lot of things we can learn from the Intelligent Design proponents. Cosmological arguments from fine tuning of the universe is an example. The important thing is not to depend your faith on such arguments, but they can provide confirmation and fortification of faith. Faith, reason and science are complimentary.

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