Humorous “Godwink” Moment

An ABC television executive recently wrote a book on “Godwinks“, those “coincidental” moments through which God speaks, and which can gobsmack you and/or leave you tickled pink (depending on your disposition). I had one of those moments last night!

A friend (we shall call him by his online alias, “Universal”) and I (“TTM”; that’s mine) were walking back from the Legion of Mary meeting and, after stopping by to eat, we decided to visit the vid’ arcade for a few racing games (great fun). After this, we went on our separate ways home, and I stopped by the video shop to drop off some DVD’s for him. I spent a bit of time looking around for a good video while praying the rosary with my wrist rosary (you need to in a video store; there are so many perverse films with covers which could injure the soul). Anyway, that’s when I realized that I’d lost the chain rosary I was carrying on the way back from the meeting. I quickly went back to the arcade to look for it, but it had closed by then – you can imagine my disappointment (and the onset of a mild panic!). I work on the other side of the city so I had to text Universal to come and look for it the following day. So, here’s the transcript of the text messages sent back and forth [plus explanations in square brackets]:

TTM: hey i lost my rosary beads. Can u look for it at the kebab place and at time out [the arcade] for me tomorrow?
TTM: It’s in a little black pouch.
Universal: God works in very funny ways bro!
Universal: I have your rosary beads which fell under the seat of the rally game, and considering the low light levels would have stayed there for time immemorial if it weren’t that I had gone to a shop to buy something, discovered I had lost my wallet, retraced my steps to the arcade, borrowed a torch from the attendant and searched around the rally machine and initially found your rosary thinking it was my wallet, then the attendant spyed mine. Praise God!
TTM: Oh my gosh. Hah. God has a sense of humour alright.
Universal: All I can say is praise God and also *whew*
TTM: and “thank you Mary”, most probably. 😉 [rosary is a Marian devotion; it figures that she would hellp out here!]
Universal: Oh yes, and St Anthony who I was fervently exhorting! [St. Anthony is the patron saint of finding things]

I have to say I literally laughed out loud reading Universal’s text message. I could just picture God’s witty incorporeal smile which would be best represented with the following smilie – :mrgreen: . All in all though, it was an encouraging and reaffirming encounter with a loving God (with personality!).


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