Some recommended NZ links

Here are some recommended Catholic links in New Zealand; the first two are iPod-able ;-). They’re very educational, and also faithful to the Catholic teachings (as far as I’m aware):

  • Hearts Aflame MP3’s – Hearts Aflame is a Catholic summer school that runs annually. The teachings there are usually orthodox and very good. There are MP3’s of the lectures from 2005 onwards, plus other treasures like the 60 Catechetical talks by Robert Loretz who is currently studying (Philosophy, I think) in France.
  • Family Life International MP3’s – MP3’s mostly on pro-life issues, but there’s also a talk entitled ‘The Da Vinci Code – Fact or Fantasy?’ (it’s the latter, obviously, there are hardly any facts to be found in the thing!)
  • Being Frank – a new to-the-point blog Catholic blog started up by the New Zealand Catholic magazine, "…for us to be able to have an honest, frank and refreshing conversation about our faith (Catholic) and our take as Catholic New Zealanders living in the world." I like the sound of that.

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