Learn to “Include”!?

I just read an article about an Australian teachers’ manual that advices schools to stop using the terms “mother” and “father”. Why? To “Learn to Include” (that’s the title of the manual) same-sex couples. Have they gone mad (“yes” seems like the correct answer)? I can imagine something similarly ridiculous appearing in the not-too-distant future, in an article not unlike the following…

School manual demands inclusiveness


A NEW school manual, Include… Everything!, says teachers should exclude any mention of human couples out of sensitivity for human-animal parents.
  It suggests students as young as two act out situations in which they have a cute wee poodle and a human male as parents and discuss discrimination.
  “Er? Argh…”, Institute for Sense and Sanity spokesman Norman Fella said shortly before he dropped his jaw and became speechless.
  Anna Malous, the representative for the publisher of the manual, was last heard exclaiming “down with bestial-phobia!” with loud speaker vehicles across down town Sydney.
  Education department spokeswoman Irra Shanal, who is also promoting greater freedom of access to child pornography, said that individual schools can decide whether to use the manual because “choice is always a good thing”.


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