Implementing Vatican II

I posted a reply in a provocatively titled post called Does the Vatican II generation have to die? in the Being Frank blog. It linked to another post with the same title in a blog by Fr. Rob Johansen. He talked about the uncalled-for reforms that some of the liberals attribute to the “spirit of Vatican II”, and how we can implement the actual teachings of the Council. Here’s the reply I wrote:

I suspect that those who justify their actions by quoting the “spirit of Vatican II” really mean in their minds, “freedom and openness to change apparent in Vatican II”, which in realty translates to “a non-existent opening to do whatever they like”. This is why quoting the actual texts of the Council has no effect on those who claim to adhere to the “spirit”; in reality, they do not believe that the Church’s (and therefore the Council’s) decisions are of the Holy Spirit, but only an intermediate process in the work of the Spirit which was interfered by the Church hierarchy. They do not believe that the Church was instituted and is led by the Spirit, but that it is a human institution which hinders Christ’s work. How else can we explain their disobedience in every aspect of the Church’s teachings, from liturgical abuse to woman’s ordination, contraception to homosexual union?

Obviously they no longer have faith in the authority that Christ himself has bestowed on the “rock” of Peter (Matthew 16:19) and the Bishops in communion with him . The relativistic and the democratic cultural “virtues” have replaced those of Christ who said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15). The Church, then, is not a Democracy – it is a Monarchy. It is a Heavenly Kingdom, where Christ is its King, Mary its Queen, Pope its Prime Minister, and the Bishops its Cabinet. The Holy Spirit respects this Divinely ordained hierarchy, and this is why Paul exhorts, “obey your leaders and submit to them; for they are keeping watch over your souls” (Heb 13:17). Obedience, then, is a sure sign of a true love of God.

This is an important point, because the word “love” for those who reject the Church’s authority has only the woolliest and vaguest meanings, mostly synonymous with “tolerance” (when they mean “approval” and “indifference”). In actual fact, love requires us to be in absolute conformity of the Father, which is for our best even if we do not like it. It is much harder to have to conform oneself to a greater reality – to admit and take responsibilities for one’s shortcomings – than to locate supposed loopholes in such terms as “freedom of conscience” or “spirit of Vatican II”, but it is for our own and everyone’s temporal and eternal interest. It is to our own detriment that we choose our own will over God’s. This is becoming already clear in the declining Mass attendance in liberal dioceses, in the high rate of marriage breakups among couples using contraception, and so on.

If we only all realized that true faith and freedom can come through obedience alone!


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