Headlines: Rain and Terri

  • Prayers for rain answered – Suffering from “parched, and in serious drought conditions”, the officials voted to pray, and within 7 days it started pouring – very heavily (just look at the photo’!). A bit like Elijah, who prayed and “…heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth its fruit.” (James 5:18).
  • Moral Insanity – In an interview for the new book by Terri Schiavo’s attorney, David Gibbs, he says, “If she had been an animal, she would have been more protected under the law than she was as a person. Michael Schiavo would be in jail if he did to a dog what he did to his wife. If she’d been a terrorist, she would have had international law and greater protection. If she been a convicted mass murderer — someone that had done horrible crimes against society — the Constitution, under the Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, would have protected her. …unbelievably, she had less protection than those other elements. That’s one of the moral insanities of this: ‘How could that happen?'” Yup. Sounds pretty crazy to me too.

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