Responses to Pope’s Comment

It’s interesting reading about various reactions and responses to the Pope’s comments. They were meant to stress the fact that it is wrong to use violence to spread religion. Some responses are reasonable, some are not. Some are down right extreme and, in a sense, quite funny in the way they demonstrate what they’re trying to disprove in the first place. I shall write more on this tomorrow, I think. In the meanwhile, I shall leave you with a prayer from St. Augustine:

God our Father, we find it difficult to come to you, because our knowledge of you is imperfect.  In our ignorance we have imagined you to be our enemy; we have wrongly thought that you take pleasure in punishing our sins; and we have foolishly conceived you to be a tyrant over human life. But since Jesus came among us, he has shown that you are loving, and that our resentment against you was groundless.

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