Catholic Links

On the Internet and technology post on Being Frank, James the Least (the author) mentioned that a lot of these technologies seem to be misused for evil purposes, and he asked us to “point out the light”. So, I obliged with the following:

I have to say, while I agree that there are great abuses, I’m very grateful for the technologies that allow great resources to be available for you and I. Apart from allowing this great site (and my blog too :)), I can think of some great uses Catholics have made of so far in disseminating great resources:

  • Catholic Answers allows anyone with any questions about faith to just type in a few words in the search box and have instant answers in the form of articles from the This Rock magazine (all the back issues are available online!) and their library.
  • Cathlic Answers forums allows anyone to discuss the faith in depth, with thousands of others world wide.
  • Envoy Magazine is the most entertaining Catholic apologetics magazine you’ll ever read; all the back issues are available online.
  • Pure Love Club is a great site on Chastity.
  • Peter Kreeft, the famous Catholic philosopher, has a great website with featured writings and featured audio. I think these are some of the best you’ll read or hear in Catholic thought; they’re very heartfelt and accessible, yet profound and deeply spiritual and Christocentric.

In New Zealand too,

For more in-depth resources,

So, yah. I think it’s great 🙂


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