What will Heaven be like? What do we do there? Why did God create us anyway? Why why why??

Those are the questions asked in this post on Being Frank. Interesting questions, for sure. Here’s what I posted:

I’m thinking about the one word that would sum it up nicely: love.Heaven is participating in the divine exchange of love in the Trinity through Christ. Jesus, of course, is the Second Person of the Trinity, and we are His Body, which means that in Him we can participate in the life of the Trinity. At least that’s my understanding (hopefully not heretical).God made us because He wanted to share that divine love. Love never seeks itself; it seeks the good of the other. This is why He created us; out of love, for love.

Having faith is good, but so is reason. So, Peter Kreeft, the famous Catholic philosopher, has a few articles that might be of interest:
35 Questions about Heaven, and perhaps most interestingly ) ;
Is there sex in Heaven?

God bless!


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