“Persistent Vegetative State” no-longer so persistent

Well well, what d’ya know, another patient – this time a boy – who was diagnosed with the so-called “Persistent Vegetative State”, said to be “hopeless”, just simply woke up after 22 months. This reinforces what was previously reported; “persistent” is a medical misnomer, and that what happened in the Terri Schiavo was not only a mistake, but a monstrosity.


One thought on ““Persistent Vegetative State” no-longer so persistent”

  1. My boyfriend is PVS and has been for 9 months. Everyone is going to give up on him. I’m trying to fight it but no one will listen, they’re convinced he’s hopeless as well. This only shows that there is hope but sometimes it takes time, we need to be willing to give them that time. We don’t know how they feel, what they’re experiencing and we never will. It’s up to them. How they are treated is not fair at all, they should be give chances, not sentenced to death by starvation, they’ve been through enough, why torture them more?

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