Condoms and HIV

Condoms and HIV. This has to be one of the most contentious issues to do with the Catholic faith. “Why doesn’t the Church allow condoms in Africa when there’s obviously people suffering due to this stupid restriction?”, it is asked – here is the Being Frank post on exactly that. The poster is discontented with the Church stance, while BTM (must be my long lost brother!) presents the scientific and moral basis for promoting abstinence and chastity over condoms. Just brilliant. Let me quote a few of his posts:

According to the study; “Contraception: Short-term vs. long-term failure rates”By Dr J. A. Ross – condoms have a ten year failure rate of 52%. This means that if ten couples began using condoms today, in ten years time at more than 5 of those couples would have experienced at least one condom failure.When you are talking about a fatal disease, such research is not supportive of condoms in the fight against AIDS.
We also know from research that condom users are more likely to engage in risky behaviours that increase the risk of HIV transmission. When condoms are promoted to people, they begin to believe the lie that sexuality can be separated from responsibility and love and that it can be reduced to a mere physical and animalistic act without any consequences.But this simply isn’t true.As more people believe that condoms are the magic silver bullet, the more they act out on such a belief and the greater the problem of HIV becomes.Even groups that promote condoms have acknowledged this fact at some point or other, let me quote from an International Planned Parenthood Federation Bulletin:“the risk of contracting AIDS during so called protected sex approaches 100 percent as the number of episodes of sexual intercourse increases” – IPPF Medical Bulletin 31

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg in this mammoth of an issue.


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