Catholic Schools

Catholic schools should be Catholic“. Wow, what a novel concept.

Yet this is the primary and intended foundational purpose of Catholic schools. I quote: “Perhaps the time has come for the diocese and supporters of Catholic education to think more critically about the mission of a Catholic school and, more fundamentally, the mission of the church”.

This reminds me of a letter to the editor in the national Catholic newspaper which said something like, “when a graduate of Catholic high school knows everything about Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam, but has to contact the Catholic Enquiry Centre to find out about Catholicism, something has gone very wrong.” You can say that again.


3 thoughts on “Catholic Schools”

  1. I can, regretfully, testify that I have met NZ Catholic students of 12 years-old who do not know who Moses is, and 16 years-old who cannot make a recognizable Sign of the Cross. I’ve met several Parish Council members proud of the large number of kids from the parish school who were involved in Little Vinnies, but admitted that only 2 or 3 ever went to Mass. Wake Up People!

  2. Yah, I believe that.

    I’ve been to Young Vinnies as well, but it’s been so secularised that I felt alien for being a practicing Catholic. Hmm… I’m fairly sure that wasn’t what Frederick Ozanam had in mind when he founded the St. Vincent de Paul Society. God bless them!

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