NZ Politics: Labour and Christianity

There’s an interesting article on New Zealand herald today regarding the Labour Government. It’s called Onward Christian Voters is party’s new theme tune.In other news, Hell froze over.Seriously though, with the Labour government, we’ve had Civil Union (which endorses homosexual unions) and Prostitution Reform (which legalized prostitution), abortion without parental consent, and and on and on it goes. It’s so bad that there was a Being Frank post a while back entitled Is Helen Clark the worst Prime minister we have ever had?Cabinet minister David Cunliffe describes himself as a “lapsed Anglican” and says something I think rather comical: “God does not vote National. God certainly doesn’t vote Act. God doesn’t vote.” He’s certainly true to his religion!According to the article, Mr. Cunliffe explains that “Labour wanted to reclaim principles of justice, compassion and high moral values that were ‘part of our heritage as a social democratic party’.” There’s also a talk of having a Christian sector within the party.Of course, it’s likely more about politics than about “moral high ground” that Mr. Cunliffe is claiming to seek (it’s all a response to the attacks by sectarian Christians, it seems to me), but it’s an interesting development nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “NZ Politics: Labour and Christianity”

  1. Sounds like you all have it as bad down there, as we do up here. What happened to the idea that elected officials are public servants, not mini-dictators? What IS this world coming to?

  2. I am afraid David Cunliffe is guilty of typical Labour lightweight thinking. What he said really is a joke and shows he is not someone with great intellectual range. Helen Clark appoints and promotes people on the basis of their loyalty to her – not so much on ability. That is why we have had so many loose links, plodders and under-achievers in ministerial roles. Few of them would attain high managerial positions in the private sector.
    Helen Clark herself claims Labours Christian tradition stems from the Methodists and the Christian Socialists. I think she is wrong there – I cannot see any evidence of that. I had a close association with the Labour Party for many years and I never detected any Methodist tradition. Roman Catholics were very prominent in support of the Labour at one time. As for Christian Socialists, that’s a very broad term although it is usually taken to refer to an amalgam of socialist Christian and Socialist clergy as as group with the BRITISH Labour Party. There has not been much in the way of connection between the NZ and British Labour Parties since Word War 2. The only onetime Labour stalwart I know of who declared himself a Christian Socialist was Barry Gustavson. It is interesting that the High Church Anglicans, the so-called Anglo-Catholics, claim to be the driving force behind Christian Socialism in Britain. They have little influence in New Zealand as far as I know. Helen Clark will do anything for the sake of the Party – even indulge in myth making.

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