Be Catholic – Posses Superpowers!

From all Catholics are superheroes in the making

What superpowers would you like to have? To be immortal, invulnerable, able to jump tall buildings or even fly? To be able to walk through walls? All of these and more are developed by characters in the popular sci-fi drama Heroes, currently showing on BBC Two and BBC Three… 

Real science may not be able to give you magic powers, but there is another way. In fact there are two other ways. The first way is by becoming holy. There are plenty of reports of saints who can levitate or even fly, read minds, radiate light, heal illness and injury, and appear in several places at the same time. Padre Pio could do them all… 

The third and safest way to get superpowers is just to wait. According to the Church, all the powers I listed at the beginning of this article (Aquinas calls them agility, subtlety, impassibility, and so on) will one day be yours. All you have to do is die in a state of grace. They are the powers of the Resurrection Body, which we glimpse in the Resurrection of Christ. The Gospels tell us that after his crucifixion Jesus appeared among his disciples in a locked room, that he was invulnerable, and that eventually he ascended to heaven. Scripture tells us that in the Resurrection those who are united with Christ will become like him. 

You can read about Padre Pio on the EWTN site


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