Diary of a former atheist

“ET TU?” is the blog of former atheist Jennifer F., who is now a practicing Catholic: 

When I was 26, I had never once believed in God, not even as a child. I was a content atheist and thought it was simply obvious that God did not exist. I thought that religion and reason were incompatible, and was baffled by why anyone would believe in God (I actually suspected that few people really did). After a few years in the Bible Belt, I became vocally anti-Christian. Imagine my surprise to find myself today, just a few years later, a practicing Catholic who loves her faith (my husband and I both entered the Church at Easter Vigil 2007). This is the chronicle of my journey.

It seems she is a bit of an internet celebrity. The blog seems to get featured in a few magazines now and then, including National Review and America Magazine.

I really enjoy browsing through it from time to time. She has a lucid mind and a heart-felt faith. Check out the books she came across during her conversion journey.


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