Soap Opera: Sex, Sadness & Suicide

This is from a post on the Family Life NZ blog, Semper Vita, in response to a poster who asked what was so wrong with showing intimate scenes on TV given violence that is depicted and accepted.

As bad as depiction of gratuitous violence on television is, I think it’s evident enough that depiction of sexual scenes affect people much more immediately and internally, to an extent that would not be healthy for children who are neither emotionally nor relationally ready. Such exposures tend to make them regard as normal, and more likely to go into, something that they are unprepared to go through with with commitment due to the consequences and responsibility that naturally follow. This much is usually common sense.

As the article “Sex, sadness and suicide” from WorldNetDaily points out, there’s something of a glamorization of licentious lifestyles on television that’s far from reality:

“Even those TV viewers who consider themselves big fans of the teen soaps – “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Party of Five” and the now-defunct “Dawson’s Creek” – must have realized that something about the way those shows depicted sex just didn’t ring true.”

It quotes a research paper from Heritage, “Sexually Active Teenagers Are More Likely to Be Depressed and to Attempt Suicide”, which shows a significant correlation between early sexual activity and rate of depression and suicide among teenagers. 63% (v.s. 32%) of boys and 72% (v.s. 25%) of girls admit they regret having early sexual encounters when they were not ready.

The greater percentage among girls is particularly notable when placed in context of greater likelihood of life-long effects for them, including (from “Harmful Effects of Early Sexual Activity and Multiple SexualPartners Among Women: Charts”) greater likeliness of contracting STD’s, having out-of-wedlock pregnancies, less stable marriages and abortions, becoming single mothers, and so on and so forth. In real life, as these research clearly show, those with more sexual partners and those who become sexually active at an early age are in fact less happy, and more likely to be depressed.

Those promoting promiscuous attitudes are clearly acting irresponsibly (knowingly or otherwise), and they do not have the best interests of the person in mind.


3 thoughts on “Soap Opera: Sex, Sadness & Suicide”

  1. If you had your facts right you wouldn’t be attempting to link the Holocaust to abortion. It may be strong retorical amoung your anti-choice pals but it is intellectually weak. The mass killings of the Jews in the 1930/1940s came from thousands of years of anti-semetic Christian hate. Feel free to read some Martin Luther or even some of the many Jew hating Catholic priests in the USA in the 1920s-there are heaps of examples. I hope you are aware that the majority of those involved in the killings, the actual guards in the camps were Christians-either Lutherans or Catholics. Try googling ‘Gott Mit Uns.’ They attempted to purefy the Ayran race and guard it from competitors such as the Jews. I think this is a bit different to allowing women to have some control of their lives in a liberal democracy.

    If you have done some real research into the issue you will see that there is some harm done to women when they have an abortion. It can often be a very traumatic experience but in the end the majority of these women believe that they made the right decision. The link that you have just given doesn’t show any they abnormal about an abortion procedure compared to other medical procedures. Going to throw the abortion leading to breast cancer link to me next?

    Yes abortion does kill an innocent human life, but I fail to see how something being innocent in the sense that a fetus is (lacking self awareness, a sense of the future etc) and being a member of the species homo sapiens means that it has a right to life. Perhaps you could explain? It better be a good explanation and none of this being a gift from your god crap.

    Ever researched the reasons for a women wanting to have an abortion? It seems that you haven’t if you are saying that is is irresponsibial. Most of the time the women already have other children to look after and if another child is brought into the family the already existing children’s quality of life and other oppotunities will suffer. Or it could not be the right time for the women to have a child, the women could be too young, too poor etc.

    ‘of wanting the pleasure of the act apart from the natural consequence that comes from it.’ Ok, now that is your dumbest comment so far. How about getting out of Catholic world where your only experience of sex education comes from a 60 while male priest who has never been on a date with a girl and actually learn something about how complicated intimate and sexual relationships can be.

    Your whole approach to this issue is rather naive, immature and lacking in some serious research and reading outsite your narrow and bigoted Catholic books. Grow up and realise that your anti-choice crap is harming people and is based on nonsense.

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